Truck Speed Sensors Manufacturer

Defovo manufactures high-endurance and accurate truck speed sensors.

We are a well-known automotive speed sensor manufacturer with a reputation for quality products.

Our expertise in the industry has enabled us produce highly reliable and durable truck sensors.

With clients from around the world, Defovo continues to offer premium products on the global market

10 Million Times+ Testing
2000+ Car Sensors

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Defovo team is always on the ready for customer queries concerning our products. We respond to questions on time and offer free quotes on request.And when you place your order, we take measures to ensure timely shipping. Not only that, but also that goods reach you in good condition.We do so by carefully choosing shipping companies and using proper packaging to avoid product damage during transit.

Defovo Truck Speed Sensors Product Line

Defovo manufacturers replacement speed sensors for specific trucks. We take strict measures to ensure properly designed components.
Manufactured to OE specifications, each Defovo sensor is built to match the wave amplitude and shape for the specific application.
Defovo engineers are always finding quality enhancements for sensors that offer lasting performance. We have in our inventory a variety of options, with each sensor type fitting a particular truck.

Why Choose Defovo Truck Speed Sensors

A speed sensor provides useful data to the computer to enable the control of various functions. At Defovo, we ensure this happens efficiently.

All Defovo speed sensors are built to provide precise engine speed readings, enabling safe and comfortable drivability.

Truck owners using Defovo speed sensors are assured of trouble-free operation- and for a long time. What is more, we have different sensors for different trucks.

Defovo sensors are designed to offer easy and safe installation.

Every speed sensor fits into mounting component smoothly and stays firmly in place for a long time.

Durable Construction

Defovo uses heavy duty plastic and cast aluminum to make speed sensor components. The quality materials and robust design provide for long service life. That applies to every sensor manufactured in our factories.

Precision Machined

To ensure proper fit, every Defovo truck speed sensor is precision machined. They fit snugly to the installation surface, allowing for reliable performance. The sensors do not lose contact as a result of transmission vibrations.

100% Computer Tested

All Defovo truck speed sensors undergo strict testing phases. The tests include environmental, endurance, and others. This ensures flawless sensors that offer accurate transmission speed data and a longer lifespan.

Your Reliable Truck Speed Sensors Expert

Defovo manufactures vehicle parts using high standards for better quality. Being a trusted manufacturer, we ensure complete control every stage of the production process.
We select sensor materials carefully, with the help of in-house engineers. All Defovo speed sensors go through strict quality checks from the first to the last manufacturing phase.
Defovo is ISO 9001/IAFT 16949 certified. We follow international quality standards. That is why our sensors fit and exceed a. wide range of OEM specifications.

Truck Speed Sensors Production Capacity

Defovo produces thousands of truck speed sensors. We have our own team of auto experts who oversee every stage of sensor manufacturing.

Our factories are fully equipped with latest production machines. The Defovo workforce is also large enough to ensure smooth manufacturing processes.

We are currently able to service incoming orders from auto parts suppliers and distributors globally. We continue to invest in production capacity by acquiring new machines and testing equipment.

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