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Defovo ride height sensors are designed to offer the ultimate ride quality. They are accurate and sturdy for improved performance and durability.

Defovo is a professional manufacturer of ride height and other sensors for trucks.

Our experience in the industry speaks for itself, with clients coming from different parts of the globe.

10 Million Times+ Testing
2000+ Car Sensors

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Defovo Truck Ride Height Sensors Product Line

Accelerator pedal sensors determine pedal position and send the data to the PCM. WoRide height sensors provide the data needed for proper suspension height and comfortable driving. Wocade sensors are well-designed parts that provide precision and durability.
Wocade makes ride height sensors in different sizes, from miniature to standard. This gives truck owners options and allows the sensors to fit different or specific trucks.
Ride height sensors from Wocade ensure driving comfort and safe driving, even in harsh road situations. They are designed to withstand impact damage, corrosion, and wear for lasting performance.

Why Choose Defovo Ride Height Sensors

Defovo ride height sensors are built to level your truck in the most accurate way. They take precise measurements at different points and sends the data to the truck’s computer.
Every Defovo ride height sensor suits the particular truck it is designed for. We ensure OE standards and even exceed them for better pressure/height accuracy.

At Defovo, we aim to offer vehicle parts that are easy to install. For that reason, each ride height sensor we make comes with installation handy brackets and linkages.

Sturdy Design and Materials

Every component of a Defovo ride height sensor features premium materials. The sensors are also designed to operate in harsh conditions. As a result, Defovo sensors stand up to damage by mud, stones, salts and other corrosive substances better.

Direct Fit

Defovo truck ride height sensors are engineered to be plug and play auto parts. They fit mounting surfaces without difficulty and do not need complicated tools to set up. This makes doing a ride height sensor replacement easy.

Fully Tested

At Defovo, we carry out quality checks throughout the sensor manufacturing process. Before leaving Defovo factories, every truck ride height sensor is fully tested to confirm proper performance. Only when we are satisfied about a sensor’s quality and performance do we release it to customer.

Your Reliable Ride Height Sensors Expert

When it comes to ensuring the right products, Defovo engineers check sensors using latest testing equipment and technologies.

Defovo is trusted by truck sensor retailers and truck owners from around the world. Besides quality, we offer the best rates. We can help you expand your auto parts business.

Truck Ride Height Sensors Production Capacity

At Defovo, we combine the experience gained over the years and current technologies to make sensors.

That is why every Defovo ride height sensor is accurate and lasts in your truck for a long time.

We use high-quality materials to ensure proper performance and durability.

when you place your order, we take measures to ensure timely shipping. Not only that, but also that goods reach you in good condition.We do so by carefully choosing shipping companies and using proper packaging to avoid product damage during transit.

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