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Your No. 1 Partner for High Quality and Accurate Truck Oil Pressure Sensor Devices. For more than 20 years, Defovo has been a supplier of top-quality oil pressure sensors that fits a wide range of truck applications.

Defovo team is proud to bring in oil pressure sensors that are developed for years.
Looking back, Defovo credibility in the automotive manufacturing industry has been recognized globally and certified with ISO/TS 16949 Certification.

Our commitment and dedication to serving You are Defovo most priority.

10 Million Times+ Testing
2000+ Car Sensors

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Looking for reliable manufacturer is a bit tiring work to do. You might get in touch with false businesses showing credibility when in fact they’re not.

At, Defovo your oil pressure sensor stock is maintained and secured.
Our combined Defovo expert advice and after-sales services are guaranteed to make sure you get the best out of your auto parts business. We wished you success.

Why Choose Defovo Oil Pressure Sensors

Defovo oil pressure sensors are used in a wide range of OEM truck vehicles such as Volvo, Benz, Scania, Daf, Renault, Man, Cummins, and many more.

We had an extensive line of oil pressure sensors in the Defovo product portfolio. Product varies in several connectors, material components as well as sizes.
Defovo oil pressure sensors high quality and excellent product performance are guaranteed.
To back it up, Defovo chooses premium-grade metal components in every product that we made.

Robust Design

Defovo manufacturers stainless steel oil pressure sensors but we can also produce special materials such as ceramic sensors. With regards to sizes, Defovo manufactured universal standard 1/8 NPT thread oil pressure sensors.

Wide Temperature Range

It is also packed in, with, and without connectors and comes in single, double, and triple connectors. Variances in connectors still depend on specific truck vehicle applications. Except for oil pressure sensors, Defovo is also capable of manufacturing coolant pressure sensors, air pressure sensors, and many more. Check out our large truck sensors product portfolio.

OE and Higher Quality

We bring our 20 years of experience and knowledge to deliver oil pressure sensors that can last. Not only that we produce the standards oil pressure sensor in the market, but Defovo also accepts customers’ specific materials and size requirements. You can discuss your product preferences with Defovo engineers and you will be provided with free technical support consultations.

Your Reliable Oil Pressure Sensors Expert

For years, Defovo provides top-quality oil pressure sensors for truck applications.

Our quality in manufacturing management is recognized with ISO/TS 16949 Certification ensuring you are with a reliable global auto parts manufacturer.

Defovo can provide a free product samples so you can test the quality for yourself. And every order comes with marketing materials such as technical data sheets to be used in your own business.

Upon further request, Defovo can provide you with the actual video footage of ongoing manufacturing activity in our production sites. Defovo also accepts customers’ preferences about the products packaging.

Whether you are a small auto parts business owner, custom sensors retail shop, wholesaler, or distributor, Defovo would love to hear from you.

Oil Pressure Sensors Production Capacity

Defovo has a large manufacturing scale equipped with the latest machinery for sensors production.

Defovo manufactures a variety of other sensors including brake pad wear, ride height, accelerator pedal, and speed sensors for trucks.

This allows Defovo to produce more than 1000 daily to meet customers’ high demand. We also maintain universal standard sizes in Defovo warehouses to satisfy any possible unexpected bulk orders.

Past Defovo delivery history shows an estimated 500000 truck pressure sensors are successfully shipped yearly for domestic and overseas customers.

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