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Your Reliable Global Market Provider of High-Quality Map Sensors.
Partner with Defovo to become part of our family. Defovo consistency to satisfy the increasing demand for truck MAP sensors are proven for years.

We used the latest technology in designing and manufacturing Defovo MAP sensors.

Through this, Defovo has been certified with the highest standards recognized globally: ISO/TS 16949.

10 Million Times+ Testing
2000+ Car Sensors

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Feel free to check out our extensive lines of MAP sensor product portfolio. Get a competitive price for high-quality MAP sensors in the market today.

Deliver the best part for the marketplace. Don’t just select a supplier, instead look for a “PARTNER”.
Together, let’s create the success of your auto parts business.

Defovo MAP Sensors Product Line

  • Direct replacement to OE fit, form and function
  • Built with an intelligent design
  • Constructed using the highest grade of raw materials
  • Undergo in-house stringent testing process
  • Excellent performance for measuring the intake manifold measure (passage of the intake air)
  • Provides faster sensing solutions
  • Ensures maximum reliability and longer service life
  • For factory MAP sensors, no other modifications needed

Why Choose Defovo Map Sensor

Auto parts components do not have the same standards about processes and testing requirements.
As rapid changes in the automaker specification continuously take place.
To cope, Defovo invested in R&D facilities to improve the state of existing products to align with OE changes.
With Defovo’s in-house expert engineers’ help, we can catch up with the automaker’s demand.
In return, partnering with us will lead you to an up to date products.
Defovo is not only capable to offer sensor solutions for a truck application.

  • Defovo range of customers varies from Auto parts retailers, distributors, and wholesalers. They are the Defovo channels to supply high-quality MAP sensors in the marketplace., based on these valued customers, positive feedback from direct consumers is received.
  • As a result, Defovo MAP sensors demand is tremendously growing.
  • Defovo can address such high demand for our MAP sensors. We have sqm. sensors production facilities equipped with the latest machinery. 

Robust Design

Each vehicle engine’s performance depends on the exact air and fuel ratio. Defovo MAP sensors efficiently read the right ratio on truck vehicle engines, whether naturally aspirated and forced induction.

Wide Temperature Range

Through Defovo in-house experts, we had engineered MAP sensors that efficiently perform such tasks in a short period. Our large MAP sensors product portfolio comes in different designs, several ports, terminals as well as sizes.

OE and Higher Quality

Initially, Defovo manufactures black-colored MAP sensors and used PVC plastics as the main material component. But we also accept any special material product requirements if there are any.

Defovo Manufacturer Advantage

Nothing can compare with Defovo’s expertise and knowledge gained from experience
• Defovo established a good reputation in both the local and overseas automotive industry
• History of successful project accomplishments is proven
• Guaranteed technical and after-market sales support is provided
• We can provide product technical details you may use in your business
• With our global scale manufacturing capability, we can meet your demands
• Maintains “Same Day Shipping Rule”
• Defovo accepts customers’ packaging and transport preferences Defovo can produce approximately 300MAP sensors for a day, 90000/annually.

Defovo MAP Sensors Production Capacity

So as to maintain our “Same Day, Same Shipping Rule”
Defovo also maintain factory standard MAP sensors inventory levels on our sqm. warehouse.
Any unplanned orders from customers are ensured taken care of Defovo.
• Has extensive sensors product lines for a wide range of truck vehicle applications
• High quality sensors are supplied
• Defovo is a certified ISO/TS 16494 – the highest form and globally recognized certification standards an automotive manufacturer can get

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