Coolant Temperature Sensors Manufacturer

Defovo is a global manufacturer of truck coolant temperature sensors. Over the years, we have provided the best solutions for truck sensors.

Defovo coolant temperature sensors are built to offer trouble-free operation. They work under the toughest of conditions, delivering consistent performance at all times.

When it comes to durability, you can count on Defovo truck coolant temperature sensors. They are built from high-grade materials and resist damage for a long time.

10 Million Times+ Testing
2000+ Car Sensors

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Defovo ensures your project benefits from doing business with us. Apart from producing sensors of the highest quality, our rates are the best on the market.

We answer any questions you might have quickly and on time. We also offer guidance on how to order for Defovo coolant temperature sensor.

Defovo manufactures a variety of other sensors including brake pad wear, ride height, accelerator pedal, and speed sensors for trucks.

Defovo Coolant Temperature Sensors Product Line

Different Defovo truck coolant temperature sensors suit different truck models. We have a variety of these sensors, which assures truck owners of application-specific products.

All Defovo sensors are designed to protect truck engines in the best way possible. They provide consistency, accuracy, and long service life.
Defovo is the one-stop-shop for sensors that keep your truck’s engine running and the cooling systems operating efficiently.

Why Choose Defovo Coolant Temperature Sensors

Coolant temperature sensors help to detect changing temperature levels. Every coolant temperature sensor from Defovo is engineered to offer sensing accuracy, consistency, and the ability to stand up to temperature extremes.

Defovo uses materials of the highest quality to make truck sensors. This gives better-performing sensors an extended lifespan.

At Defovo, we understand that many truck owners carry out sensor replacements. That is why every Defovo coolant temperature sensor features a simple design for easy fitting.

Robust Design

To withstand engine vibrations, Defovo coolant temperature sensors are a sturdy design. They last a long time, even when subjected to the tough conditions of the engine bay.

Wide Temperature Range

Engine temperatures can go to either extreme at any time. Defovo truck coolant temperatures are built to stand up to a wide range of temperature levels without failing. They maintain accuracy, even when conditions are freezing or very hot.

OE and Higher Quality

Defovo coolant temperature sensors are made using modern technologies. Engineered to offer OE and better standards for function and lifespan, the sensors are a perfect solution to the requirements of different trucks.

Your Reliable Coolant Temperature Sensors Expert

Defovo continues to dedicate it efforts at making better and better products. Our sensors are known for providing flawless performance and long service life.

As an ISO 9001/IAFT 16949 certified manufacturer, we adhere to strict quality control rules. We do so throughout the entire process, from material preparation, design, to manufacturing and testing.

Coolant Temperature Sensors Production Capacity

At the Defovo factories, mist processes are automated. It enables large-scale production and the production of many sensors in a short time. We also have adequate manpower to handle every stage of the manufacturing process.

For a long time, Defovo has stood out as a quality-based truck sensor manufacturer. Our truck cooler temperature sensors have been used in trucks the world over.

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