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As an expert in sensing technology you will find the most comprehensive range of coolant level sensors in our portfolio.

We are a holder of ISO/TS 16949 Certification – the highest and global recognized certificate for automotive manufacturer

10 Million Times+ Testing
2000+ Car Sensors

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At Defovo, we’re more than just a coolant level sensor vendor.
We’re the no. 1 choice in sensing technology of auto parts businesses and the top automakers.
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Defovo Coolant Level Sensor Product Line

It is manufactured using high-quality polymer and metal components with corrosion-resistant.
To minimize electrical resistance for accurate operation Defovo opts to use alloy conductors.
The combination of these materials is used to withstand the intense cooling system heat in the vehicle engines.
All production process is conducted in our in-house factory facilities.
From product designing, PC software programming, and prototyping to related testing series.

Why Defovo Coolant Level Sensor

Defovo sensors and electronic control are used to improve vehicle safety, driving comfort, and even fuel economy.
The Defovo coolant level sensor is one of the product sensors in the company’s portfolio.
To ensure the product quality and accurate data, we use original level sensors and matching expansion tanks for each product.

We set strict quality standards in all the phases relating to coolant level sensor production.

Corrosion Resistant Material

Constructed using high quality corrosion-resistant material component

Reliable and Last Long

Designed and tested for reliable and long service functionality

100% OE Fit

Perfect-fit OE replacement design that matches coolant reservoir tank

Your Reliable Coolant Level Sensor Expert

Defovo is capable to manufacture large levels of coolant level sensor orders.
With the help of Defovo latest machinery and qualified technicians, it is possible.
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Coolant Level Sensor Price

Defovo OEM quality coolant level sensors are offered for competitive prices.
Now, in some cases, customers have some preferences regarding the designs, materials, and sizes of their products.
You can talk with Defovo experts regarding such a case.
They will guide you all the way to come up with the technical details for the products.
Only then, you will get a fair quote for such special orders.
Also, Defovo maintains a great customer service relationship. That is why we make sure that you can get exceptional support on our transactions.

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