Brake Pad Wear Sensor Manufacturer

Defovo brake pad wear sensors accurately predict brake pad thinning for timely replacements.

For years, Defovo has manufactured premium brake wear sensors for use in trucks.

Consistency has always characterized the sensors from Defovo.

They perform as expected and provide enhanced braking safety.

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2000+ Car Sensors

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We value our customers who comprise auto parts businesses from around the world. Besides ensuring quality products, we offer truck sensors at the most competitive prices in the market.

Defovo makes different types of truck sensors. The list includes coolant temperature sensor, accelerator pedal sensor, ride heigh sensor, vehicle speed sensor, and more.

Truck Brake Pad Wear Sensors Product Line

Defovo brake pad wear sensors are used in the disc brakes of trucks. They offer timely warnings to alert you of impending brake change.
With the highly conductive electrodes of Defovo sensors, you cannot miss a brake replacement. That means safer brakes.
Defovo makes a range of sensors for many different truck types and models. We have a sensor for a Isuzu, Nissan, Mercedes, Volvo trucks, and more.
Each brake pad wear sensor comes with features to fit original equipment manufacturer standards. Where applicable, we make improvements to the features to improve lifespan and performance.

Truck Brake Pad Wear Sensor

Brake pad wear sensors signal when new brakes are needed. To perform that function well, they need to be made from the right materials and design.

Defovo makes wear sensors using highly conductive materials for efficient detection. They work accurately and within the needs of the modern brake pad.

Common sensors mount in the brake pads, making them subject to temperature extremes. That can affect their effectiveness.

Defovo sensors can stand up to the high temperatures in the brakes. Built from high-quality materials, the sensor last for a long time.

All brake wear sensors made by Defovo features materials that enable them to meet or surpass OEM standards. This makes them dependable when it comes a truck’s safety.

High Temperature Tolerance

Defovo brake pad wear sensors can withstand up to 500°C heat levels. This is the amount of heat commonly present in the braking pad. It means sensors that maintain consistency even in harsh conditions.

Highly Conductive Leads

The electrodes of Defovo truck brake pad wear sensors are super-conducting. They offer precise and instant wear detection, making them reliable components.

Easy Fit

Defovo takes away the challenges to install a brake pad wear sensor. Our sensors are snap-on component. Truck owners can fit them without difficulty where applicable.

Truck Manufacturer Advantage

We develop and adopt best manufacturing practices. Our engineers are always researching ways to better our products and stand out in the industry. Their efforts are seen in the high-precision and reliable truck sensors.

Defovo holds two certifications: ISO 9001 and IAFT 16949. That means full observance of quality as required by international standards. All sensors made by Defovo undergo rigorous testing stages throughput their production and immediately after.

Truck Brake Pad Wear Sensors Production Capacity

In addition to Defovo experts, we employ enough machines and workers to handle different manufacturing processes.

That is why Defovo always meets rising market demands for truck brake pad wear sensors.

Defovo prides itself in being one of the top brake wear sensor manufacturers in China. Our exclusive collection of truck sensors fits most truck models.

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