Accelerator Pedal Sensor Manufacturer

Truck accelerator pedal sensors by Defovo are expertly designed to offer superior performance.

Defovo always maintains a quality policy with every product. That is why all sensors from our factory feature premium materials and OE specifications or higher.

Accelerator pedal sensors determine pedal position and send the data to the PCM.

10 Million Times+ Testing
2000+ Car Sensors

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Defovo team is always on the ready for customer queries concerning our products. We respond to questions on time and offer free quotes on request.And when you place your order, we take measures to ensure timely shipping. Not only that, but also that goods reach you in good condition.We do so by carefully choosing shipping companies and using proper packaging to avoid product damage during transit.

Why Choose Defovo Accelerator Pedal Sensor

Defovo accelerator pedal sensors are designed to improve engine performance. Every sensor correlates with the specific truck it is made for, enabling accurate pedal position data.

To ensure guaranteed operation and eliminate drivability problems, Defovo observes high levels of manufacturing rules.

At Defovo factories, quality checks are the norm. We perform rigorous tests on finished products. That, combined with the expertise of many years, ensures unmatched performance of Defovo sensors.

OE Standards and Higher

Defovo matches truck sensor design to OE or makes improvements. The result is better sensor operation and longer service life. The better performance is what has always put Defovo sensors ahead of the others on the market.

High Quality Materials

Accelerator pedal sensors operate in environments where they are prone to corrosion and wear. To prevent premature damage, Defovo uses high quality raw materials to make the sensor’s components. That includes tough plastic, metal, and high-grade finish.

Fully Tested

Every Defovo truck accelerator pedal passes through quality tests at every stage of the production process. Tests are done using modern equipment and with the help of experienced Defovo engineers. Only sensors that pass the quality checks are allowed through.

Defovo Manufacturer Advantage

Defovo is a quality-oriented manufacturer of truck accelerator pedal sensors. We are ISO 9001 and IAFT 16949, which means strict adherence to high sensor manufacturing standards.
In addition to ensuring the right materials, every Defovo accelerator pedal sensor has to pass various quality checks for accuracy, endurance, durability, and more.

We are a professional auto parts manufacturer that gives priority to customer satisfaction. Besides producing premium truck sensors, we ensure prompt services at all times.

Accelerator Pedal Sensor Production Capacity

With a production capacity of several thousand truck sensors every week, Defovo can handle your order amount. Our factory area is large enough to accommodate large-scale manufacturing. We also have adequate machinery and equipment to make truck sensors.

In-house engineers guide every stage of truck sensor manufacturing at Defovo. That has ensured full control of sensor design, material selection, and testing processes. It also shortens the time to manufacture different truck sensors.

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