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Leading Truck Sensor Supplier

Defovo started operation in 2010 as a small manufacturer of vehicle sensors and other electronic parts. The aim was to provide sensing products that ensured truck safety and performance. Over time, we have grown to become a large company with clients from around the world.

Production quantity

Defovo manufactures over 30000 Truck sensors every month for the global market. We always have different types of sensors available for Immediate shipping. Our production capacity also allows us to produce large volumes of sensors on a short notice.


Our partners help us to keep supplying the auto parts market with high quality truck sensors. From materials suppliers, certification organizations, to shipping companies and auto parts businesses, every Defovo partner counts.

Years of experience

We have been in the vehicle sensors industry for more than 15 years. We understand the technologies that work and those that do not. That has helped us develop the best solutions for truck sensors and other electronic control systems.

Number of sensors sold

Defovo has sold more than 5,000,000 sensors to date. Our market covers all parts of the world, with auto parts suppliers and wholesalers making the bulk of our client base.

Why Defovo Truck Sensor

We are based in China, and among the fastest growing companies in the industry. Our focus lies in providing market-leading products. We are known for:

  • Developing and implementing sensing technologies
  • Designing and making sensors to suit the modern truck
  • Producing a wide range of truck sensors
  • Ensuring products that exceed user expectations
Carefully Sourced Materials

The Defovo Truck Sensor is made from the best materials for its purpose. The sensors are sourced from high-quality manufacturers, and all of the parts come together seamlessly to ensure that you get the most accurate readings possible.

Latest Assembly Techniques

Defovo Truck Sensors are assembled by experts using state-of-the-art techniques, which allows them to ensure that each sensor is perfectly calibrated before it leaves their facility. This ensures that you'll get consistent readings every time you use your sensor.

Sensor Testing

All Truck Sensors are put through rigorous testing before being shipped out to customers in order to ensure that they function as intended and meet our high standards for quality control.

Defovo produces a large selection of truck sensors.

Oil pressure sensor, Coolant level sensor, Temperature sensor, Truck speed sensor, MAP sensor, Brake pad wear sensor, Reverse light switch, ABS sensor, Crankshaft sensor

Our Service

Every process at Defovo involves experienced experts. The Defovo innovation team includes qualified engineers who undertake product development and production. Our marketing and customer care staff handle the needs of clients, ensuring their happiness and satisfaction.
We serve every customer diligently. Our goal is to grow together with you. We help you meet your project needs and expand your vehicle parts business. Whether looking for a truck sensor manufacturer and supplier or intending to formulate a custom truck sensor, Defovo professionals are always there for you.

Our Mission

Our mission at Defovo is to continue offering solutions for truck sensors and other vehicle systems. We have adequate measures in place for that. These range from modern technologies, and an adequate workforce, to complete quality control and management system.
Defovo also aims to cater to every client’s needs, with affordability setting our products apart from the others. Choosing to source your truck sensors from Defovo means opting for nothing less than quality and cost-effective products.

Our professional team works to increase productivity on the market.
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